Inverell Market Report 7th August 2018

Cattle: A penning of mostly young cattle and a large supply of plainer conditioned cows made up the bulk of a yarding, though numbers were reduced by half to pen 896 head from last week’s offering of 1614. Only patchy rain has fallen over the past 24 hours with falls varying from 4mm to 20mm. Re-stockers were active with numbers of weaner and yearling cattle going north over the border. Processors operated, but trends for cows were again cheaper.  Weaner steers and heifers saw dearer trends of 5c to 9c going to re-stocker competition and a lift in quality saw light vealers sell 11c/kg better. Medium weight trade yearlings also saw rises of 5c/kg. Quality variation saw steers to feed decrease 20c/kg. The opposite occurred for light weight feeder heifers, seeing prices improve by 22c/kg, due to re-stocker interest. Heavy heifers to the trade sold 12c/kg dearer.  Cows saw decreases through all their categories, with quality and condition playing a major factor. One score trade cows saw decreases of 20c, with light 2 score cows decreasing 5c/kg. There were limited numbers of finished cows and these saw slightly cheaper trends of 2c/kg. There too few bulls for a reliable quote, but these also saw cheaper sales.

Sheep & Lambs: Yarded aprox 2200 mutton, 2100 lambs and 800 exotics, twice the size of the yarding a fortnight ago. MLA had not provided a report at time of printing however in some cases heavy lambs were down up to $20 but on average the market was a loss less than that compared to the previous sale, store lambs held firm according to quality which was very varied and mutton took a loss of $50 in places to average a reduction of maybe $25 per head allowing for skin and condition, one re-stocker pushed full wool store ewes to $130 otherwise heavy conditioned mutton with next to no length on skin made similar.

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