Inverell Market Report 31st July 2018

Cattle: An increased yarding of almost 30% saw young cattle and bull numbers improve. There was a general decrease in quality and condition, due to the season, with the district receiving very little rainfall over the weekend. The usual gallery of buyers was present, although feedlot operators lacked interest and were remaining relatively inactive due to the condition of animals on offer. A return of a re-stocker order from north of the border saw larger numbers of steers and heifers move in that direction.  Quality and condition saw cheaper trends for weaner cattle, for both steers and heifers decreasing to approximately 40c/kg. Alternatively, the trade saw prices for young veal improve 11c/kg. Yearling steers to feed also sold to cheaper trends of 28c/kg. However, light weight steers sold to slightly dearer trends, increasing 5c/kg. Light weight heifers saw slightly cheaper trends, easing 7c/kg to re-stocker orders, but mostly sold to substantially lesser values. Drafts of younger, plainer conditioned cattle sold for under 100c/kg.  Grown heifers saw cheaper trends, easing 6c/kg. The quality of the cow penning saw cheaper trends through that category. Despite this, re-stocker interest saw a firm trend. Medium weight 2 score cows decreased 22c/kg, as did the heavy weight offering. The limited number of 4 score cows also sold to cheaper trends of 38c/kg. The bull penning doubled, increasing 11c/kg for the heavy better finished bulls.

Next Sheep and Cattle sale 7th August.

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