Inverell Market Report 24th July 2018

Cattle: Numbers were back by 415 head to an offering of 1,125  mostly plainer quality cattle due to the deteriorating local conditions. The penning saw drafts of early weaned calves and a slight rise in yearling heifers. The regular buyers were in attendance, although competition was reduced. Weaner steers saw cheaper trends of 6c to re-stockers, while re-stocker heifers sold to dearer trends of 19c/kg. Re-stocker yearlings saw cheaper trends of 21c to 26c for both light weight steers and heifers, with the medium weight steers firm on last week to average 278c/kg. Quality variations saw medium weight heifers sell to cheaper trends of 28c/kg. The trade took heifers, also to cheaper trends of 16c/kg. Numbers of grown steers and heifers were also reduced and these both saw cheaper trends. One score cows saw cheaper prices to restockers and down 10c/kg to the trade. Medium weight two score cows also saw cheaper trends of 25c/kg. Quality downgraded the heavy cow offering and saw decreases of 26c/kg. Heavy bulls eased by 5c/kg.

Sheep: Heavy lambs saw substantial increases in a much-improved sheep and lamb market. There was a generally dearer trend throughout, with good numbers of heavy and supplementary fed lambs available. All the regular operators were present.  Limited numbers of light lambs saw dearer trends of $15/head, with most going to the trade. Trade lambs formed a major part of the market and sold to dearer trends, with lambs being up to $27 per head dearer than a fortnight ago. Medium lambs saw firm trends for the most part, with prices up to $8/head dearer. Heavy lambs saw trends of $20 dearer, with a pen of an extra heavy lambs weighing 76kg topping at $270/head. Hoggets sold to $130/head.  Light ewes were $10/head dearer, with heavy ewes also dearer, seeing some very solid drafts coming forward. Crossbred ewes made to $185 and Dorpers to $145, up to $15/head dearer. Merino wethers carrying a good skin made to $200 and crossbred wethers were $25 dearer, selling to $180/head. British rams made to $50/head.

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