Inverell Market Report 24th April 2018

Cattle: Numbers at Inverell reduced by 677 to 1,510 head of very mixed quality cattle. Prices again saw an easing trend, principally for the plainer quality categories, which owing to the weather were in greater numbers. All but one exporter attended, along with the usual feedlot orders. The continuing dry weather resulted in this plainer quality yarding. Lighter weaners purchased by re-stockers were back 7c to 16c/kg, while a pen of well bred steer calves saw prices equal to last week, they were the only exception. Yearling steers saw a general reduction in price, again with plainer types were up to 40c/kg back for drafts going onto feed or background. Trade heifers also experienced cheaper trends of up to 40c, quality having an effect, but a general easing of the market saw cheaper trends of medium weight yearling heifers easing by 17c to 28c/kg. Grown steers resulted in cheaper trends, quality and weight a factor, with some very light weight steers being offered. Heifers, similarly, showed cheaper trends of up to 46c/kg to the trade. Very light cows averaged 67c to 72c, while light two score cows were 11c/kg back. The best D3 and D4 cows were 12c to 16c/kg cheaper. Bulls sold to firm trends.

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