Inverell Market Report 20th March 2018

Cattle: There was a big increase in all categories, with 817 extra cattle yarded in a mixed quality penning. Young cattle numbers dominated along with a good selection of cows and several pens of heavy, good quality grown heifers. All the usual processors attended, along with the regular feeder and re-stocker orders. Heifer vealers to the trade sold from 260 to 289c/kg. Best steer weaners sold to cheaper trends of 15c for some quality Angus steers, the heifer portion firm to slightly cheaper by 6c/kg. This, however, was not indicative of the heifer market, with sales some plainer grades 8c to 10c/kg back. Yearling steers for the light categories were firm, with medium weight steers being sold to cheaper trends of 7c/kg. Heifers sold to those cheaper trends also, of 9c to 12c/kg. Quality, heavy grown heifers sold to dearer trends, with limited numbers of steers penned for a reliable quote. Cows saw the biggest decline with trends for the heavy categories up to 30c/kg cheaper. Light cows saw declines of 10c/kg, and re-stocker cows also cheaper.

Sheep: Inverell penned 1,900 lambs and 2,400 grown sheep, including Dorpers in a mixed quality yarding. Lamb quality improved with numbers of heavy lambs coming forward. Sheep quality also improved, and the market saw a general improvement in selling trends. All the regular buyers attended and operated. Light, plain conditioned lambs were in limited numbers and sold mostly to processors, although some did go back to the paddock. Light trade lambs sold to firm trends making $112 to $120, while trade lambs to the processors showed dearer trends of $6/head. There were no medium or heavy lambs last sale so no comparison. However, medium lambs made $152 to $155, and heavy lambs made to $200/head. Heavy crossbred ewes sold to dearer trends making to $178, with Merinos also selling to dearer trends, light ewes being $5/head better. Wethers sold to dearer trends of $10/head, while light wethers sold firm. Local sales,  Seaton & Freeman Bundarra 48kg dorper lambs $130 also had 42kg lambs $123.

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