Inverell Market Report 20th Feb 2018

Cattle: Inverell penned 326 less for a yarding of 1,396 head of mixed quality cattle. Vealer and weaner numbers increased slightly, while yearlings reduced by almost half. Grown cattle and cow numbers remained static. Most regular processors were active, with a new store order showing interest in young cattle.  Interest in weaners saw a draft of light steers make over 350c to sell to dearer trends, with the heifer portion making to 331c/kg. The best of the yearling steers sold to slightly dearer to be 10c/kg better, however, quality was a factor in some of the plainer types to be 15c/kg cheaper. Heifers showed mostly cheaper trends of 6c to 8c/kg for the light types. Medium and heavy weight heifers eased 11c/kg.  Grown steers were again cheaper, while the heifer portion sold mostly firm. Cows were also cheaper, with the odd sale of light cows selling to slightly dearer trends of 5c/kg to go back to the paddock. The heavy, well finished cows suffered the most reduction of up to 13c/kg. Bulls were slightly cheaper. Local sales: Doak Partnership Cows 195c/kg 660kg $1287

Sheep: Inverell penned similar numbers to last sale day, 2,000 lambs and 2,300 grown sheep. It was a mostly average yarding with a limited penning of heavy lambs and most of the finished lambs have been shorn. There was a small penning of store and light lambs. There were also good numbers of sheep, most of these in the light to medium category.  Light lambs sold firm to slightly cheaper trends from last day with local restockers keen to secure lambs in the cheaper market. Trade lambs sold mostly to cheaper trends of $7 to $ 12, while heavy and extra heavy lambs showed cheaper trends of $10 t0 $15/head, weight being a factor.  Light ewes sold to cheaper trends of $8 to $10, with the heavy categories up to $20/head easier, quality and weight variations a factor. Medium weight wethers were also cheaper by $20/head, again the weight difference was a major factor.

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