Inverll Market Report 21st Nov 2017

Cattle: Number reduced by 515 head and the penning consisting of mostly good quality cattle. There was a slight increase of vealers, although numbers of yearlings reduced by half. Grown cattle numbers also decreased and cows were down by a third. The regular processors were present and operating, along with the usual feeder orders.  Steer and heifer vealers sold to mostly firm trends, with the better types going to local butchers and the plainer drafts to various light feeder orders. Light weight feeder steers sold to mostly firm trends, while the bulk of the steers going into the medium weight class sold to dearer trends of up to 14c/kg. Similarly, the light weight yearling heifers sold firm, while the medium weights, again in the majority, sold to trends of 7c/kg dearer. The heavy end of the heifer yearlings sold to dearer trends of up to 14c/kg.  Limited numbers of grown steers sold to dearer trends of 12c with the heifer portion 11c/kg dearer. Light cows sold to slightly cheaper trends of 3c to 4c easier, while the heavy better finished cows were 5c/kg easier. This was generally quality related with a few pens of the heavy cows tending to carry extra fat cover. Bulls sold to slightly dearer trends.

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