Inverell Market Report 22nd August 2017

Cattle: The yarding increased by 400 head and consisted of mostly good quality cattle. Weaners were in short supply but their good numbers of yearling cattle, a light penning of grown steers and heifers and cow numbers doubled. Most categories sold to a firm to dearer trend. All the regular processors and the usual feeder orders were in place.
Weaner numbers were scarce, but the better quality of the steers saw prices trend dearer by up to 20c/kg. The heifer portion was firm. There was strong feedlot interest in the yearling cattle, with the steers mostly firm while some quality lots sold to a dearer trend. The best of the medium C3 heifers were to 18c/kg dearer, while most were 4c/kg dearer overall. The return of an order handling secondary types saw those categories sell to dearer trends.
Lack of grown steer and heifer numbers made an accurate trend difficult to quote, however both classes were slightly cheaper, with quality a factor. The best heavy cows sold to a dearer trend of 5c/kg, while the lighter drafts were also dearer.

Sheep: There was an increased yarding of 4,594, up by 700 head, consisting of a very good quality penning of well finished lambs. Heavy lambs were well represented, many coming off crop, along with good lines of grown sheep. There were too few store lambs to quote. All regular processors were present.
Demand for finished trade lambs was good with a dearer trend of $11/head. There was a good representation of heavy weight finished lambs making for rises of up to $12/head for that category. The extra heavy weight section showed rises of up to $28/head on last sale. There was a good penning of grown sheep with wethers showing a dearer trend. Quality was a factor, with the better wethers seeing a lift of up to $30/head. Ewes, however were slightly cheaper, back $10/head on last sale.

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