Inverell Market Report 13th June 2017

Cattle :The number of cattle yarded more than halved for a total of 640 head. Yearlings and cows made up the largest percentage of the yarding. The yarding of young cattle consisted mainly of light and medium weight yearlings, although there were also several pens of heavy cattle. There was a smaller penning of vealers. Quality of the young cattle was mixed, although there were some well-bred steers and heifers through the sale.
The market varied, although the better-bred cattle continued to sell at recent strong prices. Re-stocker vealer heifers sold to a top of 348c/kg. Re-stocker yearling steers were up to 20c/kg cheaper, however lack of quality in some pens had some effect on average prices. Light weight re-stocker yearling steers sold to a top of 369c, however feeder steers saw little change to average 333c/kg. The odd trade yearling heifer sold to a top of 329c/kg. Feeder and re-stocker yearling heifers were 4c to 7c dearer ranging from 310c to 339c/kg.The yarding of export cattle consisted mainly of cows, along with a few pens of grown heifers, and insufficient numbers of grown steers for a quote. Grown heifers sold up to 281c/kg. The cow market saw some variations, with medium weights selling 10c cheaper, some sales more, with 3 score cows averaging 219c, while heavy cows held firm selling to a top of 237c/kg.

Sheep: There was a yarding of 4,148 sheep, of which there was a penning of 2,800 lambs. Quality of the lambs was good, although there were a few pens of light store lambs offered. There were some good runs of well finished trade and heavy lambs through the sale, with some crop finished. Competition was strong, although the market was firm to slightly easier for some lambs. The yarding of mutton consisted of increased numbers of well finished ewes and wethers, with several lots carrying a good skin. The market was stronger, although there were increased numbers of suitable sheep offered this week.

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