Inverell Market Report 6th June 2017

Cattle: The number of cattle yarded nearly doubled for a total of 1,331 head. The main increase in numbers was in the young cattle section with larger numbers of yearlings, while there was a good supply of cows. The young cattle yarded consisted of several runs of well-bred yearling steers and heifers that were suitable for feeders and backgrounders. Quality of the young cattle was good with a large percentage of cattle off crop.
The market was strong for re-stocker vealer steers selling to a top of 422c, while heifers sold to 338c/kg. Feeder and re-stocker yearling steers eased with most selling 16c to 17c/kg cheaper. Medium weight feeder steers under 400kg sold to a top of 346c to average 334c and re-stockers topped at 388c/kg. Feeder heifers were down by 4c, selling to 334c, to average 328c/kg. The odd trade heifers sold to a top of 330c/kg.
The yarding of export cattle was made up mainly of cows, along with a few pens of grown steers and heifers. Grown steers sold to a top of 289c/kg. The cow market saw little change, with 3 score medium weight cows averaging 232c and heavy cows selling to a top of 248c/kg.

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