Inverell Market Report 11th April 2017

Cattle: Consignments lifted to 1130 up by 270 with an increased supply of grown cattle and cows. There was a large consignment of steers and heifers that had been walking the local stock routes for some time. There were reduced supplies of vealers and weaners with the annual weaner sales in full swing. The quality and condition of the offering was quite mixed. A full field of buyers were in attendance with demand from all sectors high.
Market trends through the young cattle were generally firm to dearer with demand from re-stockers and feed lots remaining high. There were odd classes that sold to a cheaper trend, while quality was also a factor in some cheaper prices. Weaner steers under 330kg sold to a cheaper trend with quality a factor. Heavier weights sold to a dearer trend with crop finishers active. Heifer weaners sold to a dearer trend, while vealers to process were up to 10c/kg dearer. Medium weight yearling steers to restock and feed sold to a dearer trend, up to 10c/kg. Heavy feeders remained firm with some breed and quality related price change. Light weight yearling heifers to restock under 280kg sold to a dearer trend while those between 280kg and 400kg sold to a slightly cheaper trend. Quality once again accounted for some price change.
The grown steers and heifers off ‘the road’ attracted strong re-stocker and feedlot competition to sell to a dearer trend taking quality and age into account. The majority of the steers were destined to Oats paddocks for finishing. The cow market was strong with the market trend 2c to 10c/kg dearer also taking quality and yield potential in to account. Some local sales- Deb McCowen steers 401kg 334c/kg $1342* Doak Partnership  Bulls 180¢ 460kg $ 828.00 * Also we would like to remind everyone of our upcoming weaner sale 27th April, 1200 head booked and more bookings invited.

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