Inverell Market Report 28 January 2017

Cattle: There was a lift in numbers this week to yard 700 head with young cattle making up the bulk. The quality of those young cattle was very mixed with condition following suit. That was also the case for the grown cattle. Demand from all sectors was high, reflecting confidence from re-stockers and possible short term supply concerns from processors and feed lots. Market trends were generally dearer, however the mixed quality nature of the offering impacted some price variation. Light weight weaner steers to restock experienced strong price gains, while the heavier weights were firm to cheaper with quality and breed a factor. Plainer quality and breed variations contributed to cheaper prices and averages for heifer weaners to restock. Vealers to the trade were dearer. There was little change in the market for medium and heavy weight yearling steers to restock and feed. Yearling heifers to restock and feed were up to 10c/kg dearer. Heavy grown steers sold to a dearer trend with most going to feed. Processors competed strongly for the small number of cows with the market trend up to 10c/kg dearer.

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