Inverell Market Report 14th February 2017

Cattle: Consignments declined to 918 head and quality was mixed, with some well-bred younger steers and heifers together with the plainer mixed breeds in the penning. Cows were generally of good quality and condition, while the grown steers and bullocks were scarce in the pens. The market overall trended cheaper.
Breed and quality contributed to price rises of 10c/kg for the over 200kg vealer steers and heifers to the re-stockers, with the steers ranging from 355c to 400c, as the heifer portion sold from 328c to 344c/kg. Well-bred vealer steers carrying weight reached 415c/kg. Yearling steers slipped 10c to 12c, with the medium weights to the re-stockers averaging 345c after topping at 355c/kg. The lighter end of the yearling heifers remained firm at 308c to 327c, with the heavier weights to the lot feeders easing 10c to sell from 296c to 318c/kg. Prime young cattle to the processors reached 335c/kg.
Grown steers to slaughter reached 285c, with the heifer portion topping at 265c/kg. The plainer medium weight cows slipped 2c to average 216c, as the better covered heavy weights lost 12c to 13c and ranged from 215c to 233c/kg. Heavy weight bulls reached 264c/kg.

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