Tamworth 6th February 2017

Cattle: Overall the numbers remained steady. Young cattle suitable to restock and feed were well supplied along with greater numbers of heavy grown steers and full mouth bullocks. Quality was generally good, there was an extra processor in the market for heavy steers and bullocks, however there was reduced feedlot competition. Demand varied throughout the young cattle resulting in mixed trends. Steer vealers to restock sold on a firm to cheaper market trend with the heavier weights least affected. There was little change in the market trend for heifer vealers to the trade, an isolated sale slightly dearer. Medium and heavy yearling steers to restock and feed saw a firm to slightly cheaper market trend with most price change quality related. Breed accounted for some positive price change in light weight yearling heifers to restockers. The medium and heavy yearling heifers to restock and feed sold on a slightly dearer trend. There were limited supplies of well finished heavy heifers suitable to the trade. The majority of the heavy grown steers and bullocks were 6 teeth and more. Despite the extra processor operating the market trends were cheaper with the age factor a major contributor to the lower average prices. Weaker demand and a drop in quality contributed to a cheaper trend of 5c to 7c/kg in the cow market. Some client sales: D Salmon steers 322c/kg 323kg $1041 * Lummis P’Ship Heifers 344c/kg 329kg $1132 *


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