Inverell Market Report 13 September 2016

Cattle: Numbers fell by 148 to yard 668 with the quality being mixed with only a limited number of prime cattle offered. Re-stockers were active on young light cattle and the bulk of the yarding were yearlings lacking finish. Grown cattle were mainly heifers and cows. Restocking lines were dearer while feeder cattle sold to cheaper trends. Trade cattle sold to a stronger trend in the heifers. Grown cattle were firm to dearer. Light restocking vealers and weaners sold 10c to 15c dearer on most with light steers reaching 447c with a large portion ranging from 380c to 420c/kg. The majority of heifers ranged from 330c to 375c/kg. Feeder steers lost 6c to 9c receiving 331c to 370c and the medium weight heifers to feed lost 6c selling between 327c and 352c/kg. Trade steers and heifers were in short supply and ranged from 320c to 360c/kg. Grown heifers were similar in value ranging from 267c to 322c/kg. Cows sold to strong demand and were 6c to 8c/kg dearer. Medium weight 2 score cows sold from 230c to 259c and the heavy 3 and 4 score 264c to 280c averaging 272c/kg.

Sheep: Total yarded 4787. There was a slight increase in lamb numbers and the quality was good with plenty of lambs coming off the crops and feeders. New season lambs were in short supply with only a few pens offered. Buyers were concentrating on the better finished heavy trade and heavy shorn lambs off crop and feeders. Market trend was dearer. The few pens of new season trade lambs made to $135 and heavy weights $155/head averaging 595c and 605c/kg. Old trade weights were firm to $6 dearer with the medium and heavy trade weights $94 to $128/head. Heavy lambs were $3 dearer ranging from $121 to $161/head. Extra heavy lambs topped at $193/head. Carcass prices had an average range of 560c to 590c but there were several sales well into the 600c range for the right article. Mutton numbers remained similar and the quality varied. Prices were similar with only skin variances. Medium weights ranged from $75 to $100/head. Heavy crossbred ewes reached $130/head. The better covered sheep averaged 360c to 380c/kg.

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