Inverell Market Report 30 August 2016

Cattle: There was a reduction in numbers down to 735 head with young cattle making up the bulk of the penning. The quality and condition of the offering was very mixed with quite a few plain condition, lightweight young cattle. There was a fair selection of well finished cows and yearling heifers. The usual buyers were in attendance however there was a little less feedlot competition.
Lightweight young cattle to re-stockers again met keen demand selling on a firm to dearer market trend. The weaner steers were up to 13c dearer with the heifers improving by 10c/kg. Heavier weight yearlings to restock and feed sold to a cheaper trend with the medium weight feeders least affected. Quality related price variations were evident in all classes.
There were cheaper trends through the limited supply of grown steers and heifers, however improved quality did lift prices in some cases. The cow market varied with plain condition cows to restock selling to a dearer trend while those to process averaged 3c/kg cheaper.

Sheep: Numbers remained steady in both the lamb and sheep sections with 4540 head yarded. The quality of the lambs was fair too good with trade and heavy weights well supplied. Again, there was only one pen of new season young lambs penned.
Market trends were cheaper in all categories with those young lambs down $12/head. Well finished trade weights were cheaper by $1 to $5/head. Heavy lambs saw the market $2 to $7/head cheaper with an odd sale firm.
Competition was strong in the sheep market with market trends generally firm. There was some weight related higher prices paid.

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