Inverell Market Report 16th August 2016

Cattle: Numbers lifted after last week’s rain reduced penning by 660 head to yard 1060 cattle. Light weight young cattle were well represented with a fair supply in the other categories. The quality of the offering was very mixed, as was condition. There were increased supplies of well finished young cattle suitable to the trade, along with a few heavy steers and cows.
Demand was very high for re-stocker and feeder cattle, resulting in dearer trends throughout the young cattle. Light weight steers returning to the paddock saw the vealers up to 10c/kg dearer, and more for the yearling steers. It was a similar trend for the heifer portion. Medium and heavy yearling feeders experienced significant price gains for an improved quality penning, with increased numbers enabling more buyers to compete. Breed and quality contributed to quite a variation in the price range, particularly in the yearling steers.
The few heavy grown steers improved in quality and attracted strong price improvement as a result. Grown heifers sold on a firm to slightly dearer market trend. There was little change in the cow market. Some local sales: J & A Doak steers 263 kg 385.2 c/kg $1015 steers 246kg 379.2 c/kg $932

Sheep: In the sheep and lamb section 4000 head were yarded, 1352 more than 2 weeks ago.
We saw heavy lambs firm, fresh lambs firm and mutton staying firm. Some local sales: D & B Hamilton ewes $95.50 * J & A Doak rams $100 and cull ewes $89

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