Inverell Market Report 8th March 2016

This week seen a yarding of 1830 cattle, up by 398 head on last week. The start of the vealer and weaner run commenced this week making up nearly half of the number yarded. Yearlings were also well supplied and there was a good penning of cows. Quality of the young cattle was good with several runs of well-bred vealer steers and heifers being offered. Re-stockers and back grounders were active in the market competing very strong on the well-bred cattle. Re-stocker vealer steers were keenly sought after selling 5¢ dearer, topping at 377¢ to average 343¢/kg. Re-stocker vealer heifers sold to a top of 319¢ and to 318¢/kg to slaughter. Feeder cattle met a softer market with medium weight feeder steers selling 8¢ cheaper to average 315¢, however heavy feeder steers gained some ground selling to a top of 331¢kg. feeder heifers were down by 15¢ selling to 314¢/kg. The run of export cattle consisted mainly of cows, along with a small penning of grown steers and heifers. Grown steers sold to a top of 271¢ and heifers to 268¢kg. The good yarding of cows was made mainly of medium and heavy weights. The market was down by 10¢ to 12¢, with medium weight cows averaging 217¢ and heavy cows sold to a top of 232¢/kg. A consignment of cows that were PTIC attracted keen restock demand, selling to a top of 258¢/kg.

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