Inverell Market Report 2nd Feb 2016

CATTLE:  Numbers fell to 815 from 1405 this week with it being a fortnight since the last sale and very useful rainfall recorded across the area. The offering consisted of a good supply of yearlings and cows while all other categories saw reasonably low numbers. Quality of the young cattle was fair to food with all steers and most of the heifers secured by re-stocker and feedlot interests. There was a small but much better quality penning of heavy grown steers and a very well finished penning of heavy weight cows. The usual buyers were in attendance. Re-stocker confidence was boosted by the recent rain and increased the demand  for lightweight cattle. Vealer steers to re-stockers sold to a dearer trend to average 8c/kg higher. Heifer vealers to the trade were up to 9c/kg dearer. Lightweight yearling steers to re-stockers sold to a dearer trend under the increased demand while medium and heavy yearling steers to feed sold to a cheaper trend. Quality was the main factor and was particularly noticeable in the medium weights. Heifer yearlings followed similar trends, dearer to restock and cheaper to feed. All market reports are in  comparison to the sale on the 19th January. Heavy grown steers improved in quality with this reflected in price improvement. There was weaker demand for cows with the market trending cheaper. Heavy weight cows were up to 5c/kg cheaper while quality variations in some medium weights contributed to greater falls.Some local sales: *J Hyatt steer 315kg, $2.95 c/kg $929.25 *E Freeman light yearling bull 425kg $2.10 c/kg $892.50.

Sheep:  Numbers decreased by 1400 head to a much smaller yarding of 2100 lambs and mutton. There was a good supply of trade and light weight lambs, with also a fair number of heavy weights through the sale. Quality was good for most of the slaughter lambs, while the majority of light weights were of fair quality. The market eased, with all classes of lambs affected. Re-stocker interest was not as keen as the previous sales, with some sales down by $10/head. Light and heavy trade lambs were also down The  mutton that was yarded consisted of several large drafts of sheep, showing both good quality and condition. The market was easier, with most mutton selling cheaper overall.

Next cattle sale Tuesday 9th Febuary with sheep and lambs 16th February.

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