MARKET REPORT Inverell cattle sale 27th October


Inverell cattle sale 27th October

Numbers feel by 310 head this week to yard 560 cattle. Quality was mixed in particular the young cattle with yearlings in good supply and good runs of finished steers and heifers throughout. There were runs of plainer older cattle, overall a mixed bag were presented for sale. The market was better on re-stocker steers topping 311 c/kg and vealer heifers sold to 280 c/kg. Both yearling trade steers and heifers sold to 300 c/kg to be 18c to 20c better. Export cattle were mainly cows and some grown heifers selling to 260 c/kg. Medium weight cows sold 10 c/kg better to average 234 c/kg and heavy cows sold to 247 c/kg.

Sheep and lambs 27th October.

Competition was stronger across all markets with only 2760 head being offered. Overall the quality was fairly good with only a small number of light lambs being presented. Young lambs sold to $138 and heavy old lambs were up by $8 head. Mutton sold strong to be up by $3. Next sheep sale 10th November.

Williamson Rural is looking to fill an order for Angus and Angus/Hereford x steers from 270 kg to 400 kg curfewed, weighed and delivered on farm preferably in deck lots. Contact Justin with any inquiries.